Digital Edge Workshops for banks and fintech companies
Gain a competitive advantage in just 2 hours, with no strings attached
We are Reksoft, a digital consultancy from Russia with a 1500+ strong team of engineers, equipped with global fintech expertise including AI and neobank solutions.

We are offering no-strings-attached, 2-hour strategic workshops for senior leaders in banking, insurance, and microfinance.

The objective of our custom-tailored workshops is to assess organizational needs and identify optimal digital solutions that reduce costs, boost margins, mitigate risks and enhance customer satisfaction
Digital Edge Strategic Workshop
To introduce digital solutions to Middle Eastern markets, Reksoft offers a bespoke, 2-hour Digital Edge workshop focused on organizational digital needs. The outcome is a ROI-driven service blueprint and a conceptual implementation roadmap for digital solutions
Workshop details
  • Format
    2-hour session, available offline or online, with a 30-minute coffee break
  • Participants
    Executive teams responsible for the strategy and development of priority services
Workshop Agenda
Short online questionnaire on priorities and pain points

30 min
30 min
Current state analysis: Q&A session on current state and strategy facilitated by Reksoft

30 min
30 min
Market case studies and solutions presented by Reksoft, followed by a joint discussion on future state and priority service selection
30 min
30 min
30 min
30 min
Joint development of new service conceptual blueprint (limited to 1 service)
30 min
30 min
Gap analysis and conceptual roadmap discussion
Reksoft offerings for ComEX participants
Since 1991, Reksoft has been a reliable digital transformation partner for governments and leading global businesses worldwide. Reksoft industry-focused digital solutions create a lasting competitive advantage for our clients.
High value services and solutions for FinTech leaders
  • AI Deployment
    Transformation of financial services and behavioral analytics for hyper-personalization

  • Anti-Money Laundering
    Enhanced capabilities for anti-money laundering (AML) platforms with Reksoft's AI-augmentation solutions

  • AI Loan Platform
    Streamlined core processes with our state-of-the-art AI-powered loan origination platform

  • Front Office Digitalization
    Digitalization of client channels, optimization of contact center operations, and reduction in labor costs through Reksoft's RPA + AI automation solutions
  • Financial Ecosystems
    Establishing a blended ecosystem of financial and non-financial services (Super App) to achieve sustainable advantage for a customer's business
eGovernment Building Blocks
  • Tax Digitalization
    • Core tax administration functions (taxpayer accounting, liability accruals and reconciliation, collection, payments, tax control)
    • VAT administration (B2B, B2C)
    • Taxpayer Web Portal / Tax Officer Workplace
    • Tax services: services for self-employed, services for excise duty
  • Customs
    • Electronic document processing
    • Automation of calculation and payment of duties and taxes
    • Electronic submission of preliminary goods information
    • Electronic customs declaration system
  • Transport
    • Electronic document management in freight transportation
    • Urban information transport systems
    • Demand-driven traffic optimization
    • Biometrics for payment and security
  • Smart City
    • Infrastructure sensor monitoring system
    • Smart security, cameras with face recognition
    • Threat forecasting
    • Smart lighting
    • Smart trash cans
    • Environment modelling and emissions monitoring
  • Energy
    • Infrastructure monitoring and analytics
    • Smart energy consumption management
  • eGovernment
    • eServices implementation
    • Integrations
    • Payments and security
  • Healthcare
    • Electronic medical records
    • Online healthcare services
    • Digital clinics
    • Telemedicine
    • AI support
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